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We stock large variety of wood garage doors in affordable prices and are specialized in installing and repairing wood garage doors. Call us today for an estimate of wood garage door repair or installation: 512-686-5849.

Wood Garage Doors Installation and Repair - Our Experty

Wooden garage doors are extremely popular these days. There are a number of advantages as well as a couple disadvantages of wood doors. The benefits far outweigh the negative aspects. Our knowledgeable staff at Garage Door Cowboys is more than happy to assist in all of these considerations

Wood Garage Door Aesthetics

Wood garage doors are available in a wide variety of beautiful designs that will accentuate your entire home as well as lend overall value.When other materials became availableowners began choosing what was thought to more durable garage doors. Today wooden garage doors are extremely durable and once again quickly rising in popularity. Choosing a properly finished wood door is the first step. The next is to ensure that it is properly maintained. The professional individuals at Garage Door Cowboys can educate clients about proper maintenance as well as maintain their garage door, if they are too busy.

One of the disadvantages of wood garage doors is the necessity to repaint or refinish. The frequency with which owners should repaint garage doors depends upon taste as well as the weather in the local area. Harsh elements can cause to paint to crack and peel faster than that in mild weather.  Repainting helps make the door weather resistant once again. This usually averages out to repainting about every two to three years. Another reason individuals choose to repaint or refinish their garage doors is to give their home a fresh new look.

Environmental Footprint

Environmental footprints are a primary concern of a great many individuals now. Every choice modern home owners make consists of weighing their direct environmental impact as well as energy efficiency. Eco friendly wood garage doors are obtained from known renewable sources or from companies who utilize recycled materials. This does not distract from quality or aesthetic appeal. Our wood garage doors are not only gorgeous, but designed from only the highest quality materials. Our wood doors are also created to be energy efficient thus lending another sustainable element to your home. It is important to maintain these doors appropriately to ensure their sustainability. Garage Door Cowboys is experienced is maintaining garage doors in a professional manner to ensure their beauty and their energy efficiency and durability.

Our Professional Staff

Garage Door Cowboys is the number one choice for garage door installation and repair in the Austin, Texas area. We want to assist you in choosing the appropriate garage door for your home as well as extending its life. Another important consideration for garage doors is home security. Garage doors are one of the most essential home security elements for any home. Our staff is knowledgeable in installing garage doors that lend added security. We keep up to date on aspects such as rolling codes for garage door openers to protect your home from criminals. Contact our office today for garage door installation; repair; maintenance; or simply to inquire about your specific options.  

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