Garage Door Repair in Austin, TX & Surroundings



If you suspect that there’s a malfunction in your garage door system, call us and we will repair your garage door quickly, even within the same day. Fast response guaranteed in all of Austin, TX area!
There are many pieces that make up a garage door system. We will check the cables, wires, tracks, pulleys, an operator and the door itself; there’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to inspecting and repairing the system. Let us take care of your garage door: 512-686-5849.

Checking Whether Your Garage Door Needs to be Repaired

The first step to determining whether your garage door needs to be repaired is simply looking at the parts. While we use our garage doors daily, most of us probably aren’t taking the time to examine the parts of the door. If your door seems to not be moving smoothly, giving it a closer look could reveal the issue. It may be that one of the tracks is bent. If this is the case, a rubber mallet could be the solution. With so many pieces to the system, there is also the possibility that one piece has come loose. This can also be an easy fix.

Testing Garage Door Cables

Sometimes, garage door repair isn’t so simple. An issue with the cables of the door can be more complicated to test and repair, if damage is discovered. If you don’t feel comfortable with testing the door on your own, a professional can quickly do the inspection.

To check the cables for damage, start by holding the door in place. Open the door so that it rests a few feet off of the ground. Hold it in place by attaching vice grips to the track on both sides of the door. With the garage door secured, get on a ladder to inspect the cables. Check to make sure that the cables haven’t snapped. Look for signs of wear and damage. If the cables are broken or damaged, they should be replaced immediately.

Video: Garage Door Repair - Before & After

Garage Door Repair - Before & After

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