Reasons to Purchase a Wood Garage Door



Thinking about buying a wood garage door? In the following article we will review the advantages and disadvantages of wooden garage doors in many aspects. We believe that the positive aspects of wooden doors far outweigh any negative aspects.

Benefits of Purchasing a Wooden Door

In most cases, wooden garage doors are custom created which in itself adds many benefits. For one, this allows for some creativity when choosing the design. There are numerous choices of style and types of wood. There is also the option of paint; however, natural wood has an elegant, beautiful aesthetic appeal all on its own. Another choice is to have the door ornately carved to be enjoyed by family members for generations. This also means that, if the entryway requires an irregular sized door, it should not present any issues.

There is a common myth among some that a wooden door is not as energy efficient as other materials. This is not only false, but it is entirely unfounded. In the first place garage doors must be properly insulated in order to keep energy costs down. It is best to consult a professional to ensure the door is properly sealed and insulated. This will drastically reduce the home’s energy bills. These factors greatly assist in external noise reduction as well.

 Wood is a natural, whether resistant element produced by the earth. Wooden garage doors withstand harsh weather climates easily with appropriate care and maintenance. Think of how trees all over the world continue to stand strong long after severe storms have passed. This material also will not dent or fissure the way that steel, vinyl, and aluminum often will.

In addition to all of these benefits wooden garage doors are extremely ecologically friendly. Wood is an exceedingly popular construction material option of eco-conscious home owners across the globe. Wood is a renewable and sustainable resource. It requires less resources to manufacture wood products than it does for many other types of materials. Wood structures are also easier to disassemble and recycle. It is important to inquire, if manufacturers use eco-friendly business practices such as reforestation.  

Wooden Garage Door Drawbacks

As mentioned previously, the benefits of wood garage doors for outweigh the disadvantages; however, most nothing is without its negative aspects. While these garage doors are extremely durable as well as gorgeous, this is only if they are properly maintained. They must also be properly installed for optimal functioning and durability which saves future repair costs.

It often costs more to have wooden garage doors installed. This is because, in most cases, the doors must be custom ordered to fit the entry way properly. Wood is usually heavier than other construction materials and therefore requires either more, or expensive, hardware to install as well as operate. As long as the wooden garage door is professionally installed and properly maintained they will be a beautiful edition to home for many decades.

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