Garage Door Repair & Installation in San Marcos, Texas



Garage Door Cowboys in San Marcos provides 24/7 services of garage door repair including: springs, cables and opener. we also take care of fresh installation of garage doors and opener systems, including same day emergency service. Call us today for a Free estimate: 512-686-5849

Garage Door Door Services We Provide in San Marcos:

  • Garage door repair 
  • Garage door installation 
  • Garage door opener 
  • Garage door maintenance 
  • emergency garage door repair 
  • Garage door gates 
  • Garage door screen 


When searching for high-quality garage doors in San Marcos, Texas, you should acquire Garage Door Cowboy's specific products and services. A garage door is made or broken by the quality of the services you can get for it, from installation to maintenance. In San Marcos, the residents only want the toughest garage doors around. This is why our garage door repair services cannot be competed against when it comes to dealing with spring, opener, panel installation and repair. Nothing short of that will satisfy San Marcos residents since both the criminals and residents are Texas tough. Otherwise, you might as well buy an old-fashioned iron gate then lock it whenever you go out. The automatic service garage door should be a luxury that doesn't come with the caveat of leaving you wide open for robbers and carjackers every time it's busted.

 Why San Marcos, Texas Residents Can Only Depend on Us

A large portion of San Marcos garage repair are subpar and shouldn't even be bothered with when compared to the complete services offered by the organization. If you want truly effective services that will justify your investment for garage door installation, then you should only acquire state-of-the-art services and technology from us. Nothing less should satisfy you.

Garage doors aren't only about convenience; they're also about security. So if you want high-level security for your home, then it's only natural that you get the highest quality maintenance services in accordance to the make and model of the installation you've had installed in your home. We provide a whole menagerie of doors to choose from, from standard doors to steel rolling doors depending on what you need and whether it's a residential or commercial installation.

The main convenience that garage doors provide roots from its ability to open up without you having to get out of your car. With that said, you don't want any enterprising robbers to unlock your gates like they're from garage door companies when you're out and about. You should acquire deals on garage door panel repair, door opener repair, door spring installation and replacement, and other special offers on spare parts and general garage door maintenance.