Garage Door Repair & Installation in Elgin Texas



Garage Door Cowboys offer a variety of services for homeowners in the Elgin, Texas, area: Repair, Installation, Maintenance and much more. Our professionals serve “The Sausage Capital of Texas” with the strength and determination you need for your garage door repair. Our 24/7 services are available and are happy to assist you. Call us today: 512-6865849


Our crews are highly skilled in troubleshooting and repair of garage door issues. With Garage Door Cowboys in Elgin, Texas, you will never have to deal with strange noises, squeaks, or uneven doors. Our annual and semi-annual inspections are thorough, leaving your garage door system in great condition for years to come.


From broken springs, to entire system installs, Elgin’s garage door company is the place to be. Technicians at our establishment are trained to correctly distinguish and install the exact items you need to have a hassle-free system, for a hassle-free life. The following are the installation services that our business can provide:

  • Garage Doors
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Garage Door Springs
  • Garage Door Panels
  • Garage Door Systems
  • Roll-up Garage Door
  • Roll-up Garage Door Systems

We offer these services when you need them, with wide availability to satisfy any client’s preference. Whether commercial or residential, we can meet your needs with efficiency and professionalism.


If your garage door system has a strange squeal, or seems to have difficulty raising itself to let you in, you need to call your Elgin garage door company. The employees are friendly and knowledgeable – two qualities that any homeowner enjoys encountering. We are able to detect and repair any noises or issues that your door may have. Is your door off track? We can fix it. Is yout cable broken? let us take care of it. Is your opener not functioning properly? Call Garage Door Cowboys. Remote issues can also be repaired by our trained staff. Our experience is vast, and our technicians are of the highest quality, which makes us a dependable and efficient choice for your repair needs.


Broken springs, damaged panels, or dead-as-a-doornail openers are all issues that require replacement. The products at our location are of the professional quality, assuring you that replacement will not only allow you to continue using your garage door, but that your use will last. We offer 3 years to lifetime warranties on our openers, letting you know that we expect quality from our products, and expect that quality to last for a long time. Doors and panels can be easily replaced as well, as our Elgin establishment has a myriad of styles and brands to choose from. Garage door replacement issues have never been easier to fix. Call us today to get it taken care of.

And Much More…

With above average customer service, and the brains to back up the brawn, make us your go-to repairman – you won’t be disappointed. Call today for a free estimate and also for details about all of our services available to the community of Elgin.