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Off-Track Door

We all know those doors tend to get off balance once in awhile. Though this may be something a homeowner can easily fix on their own, a professional will be able to fix the problem and let you know how to avoid this kind of issue the future.

Broken Springs

This is a very common issue among garage door owners, and can be fixed in a breeze by our trained technicians. They have the knowledge and skills to make sure your garage door is equipped with the right size spring for your door. Incorrect sizing can make for more frequent repairs and replacements of this part, making your already full life even more packed.

Garage Door Panels

Our services include the repair or replacement of garage door panels. Whether your panel has a hole, a dent, or no longer seems to be positioned correctly, we can help. Our products are of the highest quality, and our experts can tell you whether repair or replacement is your best option. Additionally, don’t forget about our vast array of garage door styles. Should you choose to replace the entire door on the basis of broken or damaged panels, we have unique and basic styles for every predilection.

Garage Door Installation

If you need a new installation of garage door, we can get it done fast – and right. Let our technicians guide you on your journey to choosing a great garage door system. This isn’t just a simple task, allowing a homeowner to “point and shoot,” as it were. Rather, these choices will affect this homeowner’s life every day, and should be considered with care. Whether choosing a basic door or one to match the style of a home, our staff is ready to assist with all needs. With the experience our staff maintains, installation of your garage door system will be done right the first time, and done at just the right price.

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers come in different styles, and therefore, depend on the needs of the homeowner. The three general styles of garage door openers are screw, belt, and chain. There are several factors involved in the choice of your opener’s drive, including location of the garage in relation to the indoor spaces. For example, if there is a bedroom on a connecting wall, a chain drive may prove to be a bit disruptive to the individual living there. Our technicians are well-versed in the various factors regarding drive choice, and will be happy to assist you in getting to a decision.

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