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One of the most annoying sounds in the entire world is that of a garage door protesting upon opening and/or closing. The cause can be a number of things including rollers that are worn out, hardware that is loose, or components that simply need to be oiled. Another consideration is the door may require anti-vibration pads. In most cases, the issue requires simple and quick solutions.

Tighten Door Hardware

The first step owners should take is to efficiently and thoroughly tighten all of the hardware on the door and its track. Use a ratchet with a deep socket, but it is vital to ensure nothing is too tight. This overcorrection can strip threaded holes or pull the carriage bolt heads through the skin of the garage door.

Inspect the Hinges and Rollers

The next step is to carefully inspect the hinges and rollers. A great many rollers contain bearings that are unsealed which become worn out with simple use and time. One consideration is to have the current rollers replaced with those designed from nylon. This type is a little more expensive; however, they do not require oil and they are tremendously quieter. Track rollers must be replaced one at a time. It is best to consult a professional, if the rollers within the bottom brackets require replacement. This is an important safety precaution.

Check if the Hings Need to be Replaced

Worn out hinges are not as common as worn out rollers; however, there are times that these must be replaced as well. Failing to replace them may cause the tongue and grooves joints to jam and/or wear out altogether. It is perfectly normal for the hinge to have at least a little play. One sign of extensive wear is silver dust and fine metal shavings around the hinge pin. Another is a gap at the location of mating between the hinge pin and the hinge bracket.

Check the Garage Door Opener Chain

Once all of the worn out garage door components have been replaced, examine the garage door opener chain. A loose chain will create a loud and bothersome smacking noise. This will also cause the door to spasm and smack the rollers against the track. In the case of a track of a chain drive opener, the track must be thoroughly lubricated with the proper grease. If there is a drive screw opener instead, the threads must be lubricated instead.

Use Proper Lubricant

The garage door springs, hinges, and bearings, if these are the unsealed type, should be sprayed with lubricant. Any joints that pivot as well as the torsion bar should also be sprayed with the appropriate lubricant. Using an improper lubricant may cause these components to become sticky and trap debris. This will effectively render all of them useless in a short period of time.

It is best to simply lubricate any part that must move to function properly. This task should be performed on a routine basis. A thought is to mark it on the garage wall calendar or set a smartphone alert so as not to forget it. This is an important task because it greatly extends the life of the garage door. Inexperienced individuals or those who have any doubt should consult the repairpersons at Garage Door Cowboys. These individuals have extensive knowledge of garage doors and will treat the owner as well as their home with the utmost professionalism.