How to Fix a Garage Door



Want to know how to fix your garage door by yourselves? looking for information about garage door repair? In the following article we will take you through 4 steps to fix your garage door.
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Fixing Overhead Garage Doors

Whether your overhead garage door swings up in one piece or rolls up in sections, these doors run on a spring tension mechanism. Garage doors glide on the metal tracks fixed on the walls of the garage, and powered by a very heavy spring(s) system. When your garage door fails to work effectively, being able to fix this problem is actually quite easy. Here are a couple of useful tips for repairing garage doors:

Step One

Make sure you inspect the metal track system and also check the garage door’s mounting brackets as well (the mounting brackets hold the metal track system to the garage walls). You will need to tighten the screws or bolts at the brackets if they are loose. Inspect the track system for crimps, flat spots or dents – ensure that you keep the door closed (while inside the garage) prior to conducting the inspection. If you notice any damaged/dented spots, use a hammer or rubber mallet and a small block of wood to pound them out. However, if the metal tracks are severely damaged, you should have them replaced.

Track System


Step Two

With the use of a level, you can easily check the track, in order to ensure that the tracks are correctly aligned. If the tracks are horizontal, they should slant quite a bit down towards the back area of your garage. However, with a roll-up garage door the vertical parts of the metal track need to just be aligned. Check if the two tracks are at a different height or at the same height on the walls of the garage. Tracks that aren’t well-aligned should be loosened (do not take out the bolts or screws that keep the brackets in place). Next, carefully tap the metal tracks into place. Use the level to re-check the tracks in order to ensure that the tracks are in the correct position. After this, tighten the bolts or screws at the brackets securely.


Step Three

Use a concentrated household cleaning solution in order to clean the tracks; concentrate on removing hardened grease and dirt. Take your time to ensure that the rollers are meticulously clean, and wipe the rollers and tracks dry.

Clean Rust


Step Four

Look for any loose parts and ensure that you tighten the loose parts securely. For those fixing swing-up garage doors, it is important to inspect the plates in the area where the spring is actually mounted, in order ensure that the screws or bolts are properly tightened. If you notice loose screws, tighten firmly. For a roll-up garage door, inspect the hinges where pieces of the garage door are held together: tighten loose screws properly, and if the hinges are damaged, prioritize replacing them. If a side of your garage door is sagging, repairing damaged hinges will easily fix the problem.

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