When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener



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We replace many garage door openers for customers for a variety of reasons. 

The top reasons to replace your garage door opener are:  

  1. Upgraded safety features 
  2. Quieter operation
  3. Broken Opener 
  4. Need for Battery Back-Up 

Upgraded Safety Features

It’s amazing how long an older garage door opener can run, especially ones manufactured in the 1990’s! Yes, we still see openers that are almost 30 years old. 

We recommend swapping out these older openers, as they tend to be not only very noisy, but lack the safety features that garage door openers today have including automatic locks, WiFi connection, motion sensor lights, and battery back-up. 

The biggest safety feature that has been implemented in the past several years is automatic reversal, which many older openers don’t do.  

Automatic reversal is when the sensors detect something (or someone!) blocking the path of the garage door and automatically stop the garage door, and reverse it so it opens back up. 

This feature is essential to preventing injury or destruction of property of whatever is in the path of the door. 

Quieter Operation

While noise has nothing to do with operation, no matter how old your garage door opener is, if you have a loud one you know it can be super annoying! 

There are many great options  now on the market that offer VERY QUIET operation, so you won’t even notice when your garage door opener is operating! A good garage door company can help you find the right opener in your budget to achieve a quieter garage door. 

Broken Garage Door Opener

You’ll obviously need a new garage door opener if your current opener is not functioning properly. Not all garage door issues can be repaired or are worth the cost of repair, especially if the opener is older. The cost of repair can often be more than the cost to replace with a newer, more updated model. 

If you are having issues with your opener, call a garage door tech and they can help decide if repair or replacement is the best option. 

Battery Back-Up Garage Door Opener 

A big reason many of our customers ask for a new opener installation is for the added feature of battery back-up. 

A garage door opener with battery back-up means that if the power goes out, there is a battery in the opener that will allow it to operate without power. 

This is CRUCIAL in home emergencies including floods, fires, and other disasters that knock out power to your home so you can get out of your home in your car safely. 

Give Garage Door Cowboys a call if you’d like to explore options for replacing your current garage door opener!