Smart Garage Door Opener



Garage Door Cowboys, Austin TX specializes in smart garage door opener installation and repair. A smart opener system provides the best solution to control your garage door remotely.

It seems like everything today comes in a “smart” version. Many of us use our smartphones on a daily basis to stay in touch with work and friends and cars now come in “smart” versions that make it easier to keep track of all the little details involved with car ownership. However, there is something else that is just important to consider making smarter—your garage door.

Features of a Smart Garage Door Opener

Alerts – Sign up to get alerts sent directly to your cell phone if your door opens unexpectedly or you can check throughout the day to make certain the door has been closed. This can be a big load off your mind if you have teens at home alone.

Open Remotely – Ever wish you could open your door from work to let in a neighbor or someone who comes over to do work on the house? The new breed of smart garage doors does just that—directly from your iPhone or Android.

Security from a Distance – If you have a security system too, you may be able to use the security system and garage door in unison, all from your smartphone!

There are a number of different brands of smart garage door openers; some of these include SmartSense, Liftmaster and Skylink. If you are considering the installation of one of these openers, or want to upgrade your current opener, contact the experts at Garage Door Cowboys in Austin, TX. We work with clients all over the greater Austin area and can help you decide on the perfect smart opener for your home.

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