Want to know how to install a garage door opener? Want to get the most useful tips from Garage Door Cowboys experts? In this article we will share our knowledge and experience in installing garage door openers.

Ensure various door parts are in good condition

You should check whether the springs in your doors are broken. If you find out that they are real broken, then you should have them replaced. In most cases when your garage door is making a lot of noise or is opening slowly, your door opener may not be the cause of the problem. So before you rush into buying a new opener, check for broken or worn out brackets or rollers. You will find that the cable attached to the bottom roller brackets are under extreme tension. So it is advised to involve the services of a qualified door system expert when replacing them. Nylon rollers are preferred than steel rollers because they are quieter when they are in operation. Another step is to check the torsion springs to check their status-if they are broken or not. The broken one have gap in the coils and they should be replaced by a pro.

Check the door balance

You should check your door balance to check its stability. The steps that are involved are very simple. First, open your garage door halfway and leave it for some time. If it moves up and down on its own without any support, the torsion spring is out of adjustment. This is actually the main reason as to why most doors opener wear out faster or work harder. Therefore you should involve the services of a qualified door systems expert when adjusting a torsion spring.

Choose the right opener

When buying a right opener for your garage door, choose a When buying an opener, choose a 1/2 hp or 1/3 hp door opener for a single garage door. For a double garage door, 1/2 hp is most preferred but for a garage door that is made up of wood overlay 3/4 hp is the best. Various door openers have specific set of speed, so choosing and installing a garage door opener that has a higher horsepower will make it difficult when opening your door. Openers come in various varieties such as belt drive, screw drive or chain drive.  You will find that chain drives are the loudest of the three drives but they are least expensive. As for the screw drives, their prices are midway. The best thing about them is that they are easier to maintain but they are not as quiet as belt drives. Belt drives are the best of those three in terms of quietness but you should be prepared to spend more on them.

Position the opener for easier installation

Place the garage door opener on a ladder. When positioning then in attempt to get what you want, you should use the scrap lumber. Actually align the rail of your garage door opener with the center of your garage door.  You should follow the instructions from the manufacturers when assembling your door opener. It is advised to mount the rail on your door to the header brackets found in the rear end of your garage door. The next step is to set your door opener on the ladder brackets where installation is going to take place. The work of the ladder is to position the door opener enabling you to measure lengths of angle in the iron. If you find it hard, you should put wood boards under the door opener to raise it a bit. Ensure the door is open when installing the opener. When the door is open, it is easier and convenient when aligning or positioning the opener with the door center. Buy angle iron that is heavy-duty Avoid using delicate strap that normally come with some openers. When you have solid mounting in your door, it means that they will have less vibration and become durable. If your door opener is more than six inches from the wall or ceiling, you should attach an angle brace to control any swaying. Don’t use those flimsy mounting straps that come with the installation package, instead buy some slotted or heavy duty angle iron to ensure maximum durability. If you use heavy duty or slotted angle iron, you will have stronger installation and reduced vibration. And this way the life span of your opener will be extended.

Replace all the components

Wall button and old photoelectric eyes should not be re-used for whatever reason. You should replace all the wires that run from your garage door opener to the wall button and photo eyes if they are exposed. You will find that openers that are new are extremely sensitive and their possibility of working is low if they are damaged. Check the door's opening force

Check the opening force

It is very simple if you want to check the opening force of your door. By resting your foot on door and attempting to open it using a remote control, you should know the opening speed of your door. The light pressure that is caused by resting your foot on the door should make the door to stop. And if this doesn’t happen, then you are advised to adjust the opening force of your door. You should fine tune your garage doors opening and closing force. Make minor and necessary adjustments to the force screws responsible for opening or closing the door, and then retest the force.

Use bulbs that control vibration

You should install tough bulbs to handle the garage door vibration. Rough service bulbs are preferred in this case and you should not exceed the maximum voltage marked on the opener. Too hot bulbs should be avoided at all cost because they may bring damages to the opener. You actually need these special bulbs to handle the vibration nature of the garage door openers.

Fix a reversing door

The obvious problem that you will find in most garage doors openers is the door reversing problem more especially when your garage door is closing. This problem occurs often even if there is nothing obstructing the photoelectric eyes. If you adjust your closing force properly, this photoelectric eye problem will be solved. Because of the sensitivity of the photoelectric eye, you should ensure that they are in alignment