How Often Does My Garage Door Need to Be Serviced?



Garage doors are frequently used entrances to houses, and can be used to park cars and enter easily into your home. These doors, however, are not like front doors. They require many parts and assemblies to run properly. Springs, cables, drums, panels, and track are just a few of the products needed to accurately install a working garage door. Some garage doors also have openers installed, allowing the homeowner to easily access their garage at the touch of a button. These garage doors work hard, and need some tender, loving care once in a while. But, how often is “once in a while”? While that number can depend on your brand/type of garage door system, there are some guidelines to follow.

When Is Determined by What

All of these amazing parts and pieces have a life span. Some are based on time, some on cycles, and still others on battery life. With all of the different ways to value the parts to your system, it seems like a full-time job just in evaluations! Generally, an overview of your entire system every 6 months is good practice. By keeping up with the little things, big repairs and installations can be accounted for ahead of time. You wouldn’t drive your car for a year without an oil change, right? The same can be said for your garage door. Though all may seem well, consistent check-ups can help you ensure that small issues don’t become large ones.

The Beginning of the End

Squeaks, noises, and slow movements are all warning signs that something might need servicing. Rather than scanning forums online or checking outdated garage door repair manuals, do yourself a favor and call the experts at your local Austin garage door repair. These sounds are occurring for a reason, and it can’t be good! These types of noises are indicating that something is strained or not properly working. By getting it checked out with our reliable technicians, you can be sure that your garage will be a worry-free environment.

Call Today

The skilled technicians at our Austin garage door repair are ready to help you with these and all of your maintenance requests at a moment’s notice! Let us help you make your life less busy and utilize our efficient technicians. Check out our services page and find out just how valuable we can be for your garage door issues.