Commercial Garage Door Safety Tips



There are a number of safety concerns to address when considering garage door installment. This is not simply during the process of installation, but throughout its lifetime and operation.

  • Commercial doors and door openers are not toys to be played with. These are dangerous and, if appropriate steps are not ensured, the result may be serious injury to animals or people that could end in death.
  • It is vital to remember that a commercial door should not be halted half way down or up. It will reverse the process automatically after the complete up or down position has been achieved. A commercial door in the half way position is extremely dangerous.
  • It is crucial that the commercial doors are inspected on a weekly basis. It is also important that they be inspected after contact with a fork life, dock truck, or any other heavy equipment.
  • It is absolutely vital that no one walk under or stand below a moving commercial door. It can result in injury or death to attempt to run under a moving commercial door for any reason. This includes entering or exiting the warehouse.
  • While operating a commercial door ensure that someone observes the door until it has completely reached the opened or closed position. Again, be sure that no living creature attempts to exit or enter through the door while it is moving.
  • Make sure to keep hands; arms; feet; and legs away from any section of the door while it is in the process of moving in order to avoid any injury. Remember that fingers are the number one limb that individuals forget to watch during this process.
  • Be sure to properly maintain or hire individuals to maintain commercial doors and openers. This is to ensure they continue to operate in a safe manner. It is recommended to contact a professional service person for maintenance at least semiannually or twice a year. It is a good idea to investigate some of the DIY maintenance that can be performed on commercial doors.
  • A commercial door is powered by dangerous electricity. This can result in electrical shock, damage to the heart, and/or death. It is important that anyone performing maintenance and/or operating a commercial door is experienced in these matters. It is recommended and a simple process to find and contact a professional contractor.
  • The springs and cables of commercial doors are very dangerous. It is best to contact a professional service person for repair or maintenance in this area. These parts are under extreme pressure and tension. Inexperienced individuals can be seriously injured or killed in an attempt to perform the operations.  
  • Call a trained professional if contact between the door and any heavy equipment is made. This type of accident is quite common and can also jeopardize the safe operation of the warehouse door. A commercial door expert is familiar with what to inspect to ensure continued safety as well as how to repair the door if it is required. It does not matter if the door appears to be damaged; it is still possible that it is. In the case that it has been knocked out of line the parts may wear out sooner than normal. This can create a hazardous environment that individuals operating the door may not be aware of. It is always best, especially if individuals are unsure or inexperienced, that a professional technician be contacted.