Garage Door Springs Replacement



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The Balancing Act of Springs

Springs on a garage door are the apex of balance for the whole garage door system. Being such an important segment for your garage door needs, you should trust our technicians with this task. With such a pivotal job for the system, springs do a lot of work; these parts are actively working with every movement of your garage door. Because of this, care should be taken with repair and replacement of these parts. Call our proffesional technicians at your Austin garage door shop nearest location.

Springs Coordination

When replacing springs on your garage door, you need to remember that both instances of springs should be evaluated. Since they work together towards the goal of lifting your door up and down, they will wear out at the same rate. When one breaks, you can be sure the other will break in no time at all. Keep the springs working together, and at equal rates, and make sure to replace both of them at the same time. This will ensure that your garage door continues working hard for you.

How Frequently do Springs Need to Be Replaced?

After realizing just how hard the springs on your garage door have to work, you may be asking yourself how often these replacements will need to occur. This depends on a few factors, and can be evaluated on the basis of these facts:

  • Weight of the door: heavier doors require harsher spring action in order to lift and return the garage door to its standing location. The heavier the door, the harder your springs have to work, and the shorter their life cycle will be.
  • Size of the springs: There are standard spring sizes for specific garage door measurements; however, by choosing a larger spring size, the item will be less strained because of the larger diameter. Smaller sizes will generally have shorter life cycles, and require replacement much more often.

By taking into consideration the above two factors, our technicians will be able to give you a generalized number of cycles (times opened and closed) that your springs can accommodate. They will also be able to inform you of all your spring options, allowing you to choose the exact size your garage door requires. 

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