How to Check the Safety of Your Garage Door Cables



Garage doors seem like a simple piece of equipment with one purpose: to get us in and out of our garages with the push of a button. However, garage doors are actually somewhat complicated and when there is a problem with a door, it can quickly become difficult to resolve as garage doors can be relatively dangerous to work with.

If you suspect that there is an issue with your garage door, learn how to check the safety of your garage door cables by reading the following tips.

Be Safe

Because dealing with garage doors can be dangerous, use caution when inspecting or attempting to resolve any issues. Let others in the home know that you’ll be working on the door to prevent any accidents caused by another person trying to use the door. You may also want to consider having a second person to help you while working with the door. If you’re not sure that you have the ability to check the door out yourself, or if you have any questions as you go, consult with a professional.

Start By Looking at the Door

This may seem obvious, but how often do you typically take a minute to just look at what’s going on with your garage door? Most of us simply open and close the door without taking time to look around. Begin your check by looking at cables, wires, and hardware for signs of wear and damage. If pieces become worn out, they could break and cause your door to malfunction. If any part of the door looks off, consult with a professional about the best course of action.

Put Down the Automatic Opener

The automatic opener is extremely convenient. However, for the next test, you’ll need to put it down. Disconnect the automatic opener and lift the door manually. You should be able to manually open and close the door with little resistance. The door should move smoothly over the tracks. If you find it difficult to slide the door open and closed, there could be a balance issues that will need to be resolved.

Test the Eye of the Door

Garage doors are made with the safety feature of reversing, if an object gets in the path of the door while closing. It is important to occasionally test this feature, to ensure the safety of anyone who might enter or exit the garage. To test the door’s eye, start by completely opening the garage door. With the door open, stand away from the door and press the automatic button to close the door. Use a long object, such as a broom, and move the object under the closing door. The door should sense the object and immediately reverse. If it doesn’t, find the photo eye on the device and be sure it’s cleaned. You may be able to readjust the eye yourself if it seems to not be aligned. After cleaning and adjusting the eye, test it again. If it still doesn’t reverse, have it inspected by a professional.