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Glass Garage Doors

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Upgrade Your Curb Appeal with Glass Garage Doors 


A big trend lately in upgraded garage door design options is glass garage doors. 


Glass garage doors offer a modern and sophisticated design that works with many home styles. 


Before you decide to install glass garage doors for your home, there are a few pros and cons to consider. 


Pros of Glass Garage Doors 


The biggest advantage of this style of garage door is the LIGHT it lets in! Whether you want to use your garage as another living space, to workout in, or to park your car, the light is really beautiful! 


Glass garage doors will also increase the value of your home as they are a big upgrade from a traditional door. 



The style of glass door can also coordinate beautifully with your front entry door, which increases value even more as you have a more cohesive look. 


There are many options with your glass doors as well, including size of glass panels and tinted and frosted options. Find a garage door installer in your area that can help you customize the look and install it! 


Glass Door Garage Maintenance 


Despite the higher cost of these doors, a huge benefit is the low maintenance required to keep the doors working and looking good. 


Glass garage doors are made of durable material that are sturdy and require minimal routine maintenance. And unlike with other metal doors, rust is rarely an issue with glass garage doors so it’s one less thing to worry about. 


There are a few “cons” to glass garage doors to consider, including: 


  • Security: if you don’t get a tinted or frosted glass version, you have an increased risk in criminals having an easier time peeking through and seeing what is in your garage. 

  • It is not as insulated as metal garage doors since you have light coming in. 

  • Insulated glass is available, but it will increase the cost of the door.

  • Glass is more fragile than traditional wood or metal doors in terms of impact and damage. 


If you are thinking about a glass garage door for a modern or upgraded look for your home, give us a call for a free custom quote. We help you design and install the garage door of your dreams!




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