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Steel Garage Doors Benefits

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One dilemma that most all home owners face is choosing a new garage door. The professionals at Garage Door Cowboys in Austin, Texas can assist you by sorting through the many options to present you with those which suit your home and fit into your budget. Contact us today and allows us to lend you our expertise. Only you know what is best for your family; however, our experienced technicians know all of the top brands and where to find the greatest discounts.

Today home owners are presented with a wide range of garage door options and most do not realize how many choices there are until they decide to it is time to make a purchase. While owners wish to add beauty to their homes as well as find something trendy, it is important for the door to be durable and safely functional.


Sizing up Options

The tech team at Garage Door Cowboys have been stalling garage systems for the residents of Austin for many years. Our combined, hands-on experience places us in a position to help home owners size up all of the choices. We can not only present those options in a comprehensive manner, we can help you tailor them to your unique family. There are many items to consider and, often, clients fail to address all of them. These elements are important to deciding which route is best.      

One of the first elements to consider is the type of garage door is suited to the home and family. One of the most popular choices for material is steel which is probably the most common in commercial settings as well. Many individuals have begun installing steel garage doors in home garages and this material is taking the place of wood garage doors.  


Style Misconception

Most home owners imagine plain, drab, and ugly when picturing steel garage doors; however, they actually offer quite a few options for style. They are available in a wide variety of colors as well as patterns. Steel garage doors are manufactured with patterns that resemble several types of wood grain. They may be painted just about any color under the sun and it is quite simple to repaint them when the family gets tired of the old look.  


Lightweight and Durable

Believe it or not, steel garage doors are actually lighter weight than many other material options and offer a great deal of durability. The components such as springs or cables are responsible for less weight and do not wear out as quickly as with other types of materials. Steel is sturdy and can take a certain amount of abuse without showing it.

Steel garage doors are available made from galvanized steel and coated with primer which is baked on. They then receive a polyester top coat for ultimate rust protection. Steel garage doors are generally designed with insulated panels making them energy efficient in cold or hot weather.  


Earth Friendly

Today home and business owners alike are looking for new eco-conscious options. Steel garage doors can be recycled as well as repurposed. There are numerous websites dedicated to ideas to repurpose garage doors. Steel is one of the most commonly recycled materials on the planet.  

Selecting a garage door can turn into a nightmare, especially for individuals who do not have much experience in this department. It often helps to get a professional’s opinion to reduce the confusion. A garage door technician can assist in matching the door to the family, home, and budget.  



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