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Increasing Home’s Resale Value

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Buyer Incentive

One of the most effective ways to drive the value of a home up is to install a new garage door. It also provides protection from the elements and family security. A new garage door can increase energy efficiency while decreasing energy costs. It is important to consult a garage door professional before purchasing or installing any door.  

The garage represents a large portion of the entire home space and it should be carefully considered when making any design plans. It is also one of the most effective selling points. The type and appearance chosen has a great impact on the property’s overall value. While its function should be a priority, aesthetics can actually make or break a deal. The garage door is responsible, in large part, for the perspective buyer’s first impression. If it is not pleasing, the shopper will most likely walk away before learning how well it functions.  


Added Selling Benefits

Home owners not replacing the garage door should consider repairing any damages, performing routine maintenance, and repainting or refinishing it before placing the home on the market. The garage door should not be perceived as unimportant or an afterthought. Potential buyers who are pleased with the aesthetics of the property and the garage door will then look to its functioning. Those which have been insulated are much more energy efficient which is a crucial selling point.  

Garage doors which have an automatic opener attract buyer attention as well. One such garage door opener available on the market today is designed with a rolling code. This type of opener offers enhanced family and property security in addition to convenience. The rolling code generates a new opening code each time it is used. This prevents hackers and thieves from gaining entrance to the home.


It Does Make a Difference

The percentage of home value increase is directly related to the type of garage door installed. Realtors agree that the value can be driven up to at least 1% and as much as 4% on the average. For a $200,000 property on the lower end of the spectrum the increase would be around $2,000. On the other hand at a 4% increase the garage door can add $8,000 to the overall value. Neither of those figures are anything to sneeze at.  

It is important for home owners to understand that while the appearance of the garage door must be appealing, this does not mean it should cost an arm and a leg. The potential buyers, in most cases, will not want a large bill for maintaining an expensive, luxury garage door. The garage door should look nice, crisp, and clean as well as function at peak condition in order for it to be an effective selling point.  



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The most important safety tip to remember when replacing garage door springs is to replace both of them at once to avoid causing further damage.
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