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Uses for Garage Doors

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Garage Door Exploration

Both homes and garages are now being considered to create modern retail spaces. Retail shop doors usually require a great deal of space that should preferably be used for merchandise and potential clients. A garage door can slide up, remain up, and out of the way during business hours.  

The opposite is actually taking place as well. Stock and storage spaces with garage type doors are being renovated into residences. Some home designers have also started using glass garage doors to divide living areas in homes and provide a touch of classy elegance. It is a great way to divide homes from offices too, especially if there will be business meetings within those office spaces.  

Home owners have been opting to turning the garage space itself into home offices and/or businesses as well. Another lucrative endeavor some individuals have turned to is garage space renovation to supplement income through renters. Still others have been turning the garage space into massive, beautiful kitchens. Garage Door Cowboys of Austin, Texas would love to discuss renovating your space into a day care, family den area, or any other idea that your family has in mind.  

Ideas for Repurposing the Garage Door

Almost all long term home owners will replace their garage doors at some point no matter how well they take care of them. Once this is done there is the task of disposing of the old one. Many today are repurposing their old doors and putting them to good use. There is actually an entire movement of people living the green life who are beginning to repurpose everything they can find a new use for.   

If the wood is in decent shape, it may be used to create an exquisite dining room table for a remodeled dining room. The rescued wood might also be used to design a study table, a craft table, or a laundry table. Those families who home school their children can create a student desk or two. Speaking of which, a learning center could be created from an unused garage space.

The list of ideas goes on and on. The internet has webpages dedicated to ideas for repurposing old garage doors and there are whole websites designed for re-purposing plans in general. Below is a short list of great and inspiring suggestions for repurposing old garage doors instead of throwing them away:

  • Wall Art for Any Room

  • Outdoor and/or Garden Benches

  • Raised Garden Beds

  • Elegant Headboard

  • Interior Living Space Door

  • Knick-knack or China Display Case

  • Rustic Bookcase

  • Modern Living Windows

  • Room Screen/Divider

  • Backyard Screen for Privacy

  • Interesting Center Piece Coffee Table

  • Shelving Storage for Garage, Garden, Kitchen, or Bathroom

  • Outdoor/Picnic Hanging Table



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