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How to maintain your garage door during the summer

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It is important to examine your garage door carefully on a bi-yearly, or at least yearly, schedule. Look for signs of extensive wear and tear. Check to see if the hinges are loose, or if the shafts are bent. Examine the wheels to ensure they are not broken or otherwise damaged. Check the bearings of the steel rollers to see if they are worn out. Carefully examine the track to see if it is misaligned or bent.   

Inspect the spring lift cables to ensure they are operating properly. Your garage door should always operate smoothly. The spring system may not be balanced if the door jumps upon operation. Safety Note: Garage door springs, lower brackets, pulleys, and cables are under intense pressure. They present a real danger of damage and physical injury. For any tasks relating to these components, it is best to contact a professional garage door repairman.   



The best answer to a garage door that operates noisily is to clean and then thoroughly lubricate it. This only requires a few minutes of your time at most. Use a clean, lint free cloth to wipe the track down removing all built-up dirt, debris, and/or grease. Proceed by applying a high quality lubricant to all of the door’s moving components. This includes the track, hinges, and metal rollers. Do not use a grease or a heavy oil. Traditional 3-in-1 oil is best suited for this job. Use graphite to maintain the operational condition of plastic idle bearings, locks, and nylon rollers.    


Rust Prevention

Cleaning your garage doors and windows of all grime collected throughout the seasons will help to prevent rust. Wash the aluminum and steel door surfaces with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. It is a good idea for those who live in coastal regions to apply a high quality vehicle wax to the clean, steel door’s front side surface bi-yearly, if possible, to lend extended protection. Use a soft cloth and mild dish detergent solution to clean the windows. Never use solvent based, ammoniated, abrasive cleansers on your garage door windows to prevent damaging them.  

Rust Removal

If during the inspection of your steel garage door you find areas which are visibly rusty or where the paint is flaking this is an indication that moisture has begun to wreak havoc on your investment. Carefully sand the rusty area to remove this oxidation. Purchase a high quality, zinc rich primer and apply it prior to painting the surface with a premium quality exterior latex coating.  


Fresh Paint

Remove any oil; dirt; wax; caulk; mildew; rust, or mold prior to painting any type of surface. The paint will not adhere and dry properly, if the surface is not first professionally prepared. Any plastic or wooden surfaces may also be painted with high quality exterior latex paint. It requires a bit of time and owners who lead busy lives find it much easier to hire a contracting company such as Garage Door Cowboys of Austin to maintain their garages instead.



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