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How to Design Your Garage

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One of the most important investments home owners can make is for a garage. This can dramatically increase the overall value of the entire property. Many auto insurance providers offer discounts to individuals who park their cars in secured home garages. It is extremely important to take several elements into consideration while designing a new garage. A budget should be set and adhered to as closely as possible. This helps determine which options are available a far as size, materials, and style. A professional garage contractor can provide a great deal of help with available options and cost cutting measures.


Plan, Plan, Plan

It is very important to plan ahead and makes notes of all of the details. A comprehensive budget should be created and strictly adhered to. Several considerations can help set a financial timeline. The land should be carefully measured, both width and length, to determine the size of the area available. It should also be surveyed with a spirit level to see if it will need to be flattened which is another cost consideration. A concrete foundation may be required before building the structure and any items such as drains or underground pipes may need to be moved.

Once the size of the area available is determined the size of the garage may be chosen. Graph paper is ideal for this step because each foot may be represented by a square. It is also important to ensure the structure will be large enough to accommodate that which will be housed within it such as vehicles. Ensure that the entry way will be big enough and consider whether there will be a work space in the garage.

The next step requires the use of more graph paper. Let each foot be represented by 4 squares this time to allow enough room to label the position of windows and doors. Decide upon which type and size garage door is best suited for the home and vehicles. There are also several options for roof styles. A majestic design may require a gable design, while a simple flat roof is perfect for a garage on the smaller size.


Prior to the Final Purchase Decision

Free three dimensional design tools and programs may be found all over the internet. Some are located on websites and are interactive, while others can be downloaded to the computer’s desktop. This allows a little play room and experimentation for different floor designs. More elaborate and complex programs are also available for purchase for download; however, most of those offered free work fine and could be the first cost cutting measure taken.

The garage is an important investment and should be viewed and weighed as such. There are several essential details that should be considered and the end cost is greatly dependent upon all of these. It is best to consult a professional garage technician for all of the planning and construction details. These are trained individuals who are very familiar with important elements such as discounts and building codes a well as regional weather consideration. It may cost slightly more at the onset; however, it will save both finances and hassle in the long run. 



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