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How to Automate an Existing Garage Service Door

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Auto-closing Hinges

As mentioned there are some very important reasons for making an existing garage service door automated. Remember that this is to ensure that potential fires do not spread creating further damage to the home and endangering loved one. There are three basic options to choose from to accomplish this. All will work fine to ensure the safety of the family and home as well as prevent future costs in fines. 

The first method of making a service door auto-closing is using what is known as self-closing hinges. These hinges are available at almost any home improvement or hardware store. They are inexpensive ranging from $5 to $20 depending upon quantity and brand name. Self-closing hinges resemble standard hinges save for that they feature a larger barrel that houses the internal garage door spring which makes them self-closing.

First, of course, the old hinges must be removed and detach one of them prior to shopping for new ones to ensure they will be the correct size. Replacing old hinges with safer ones is a relatively simple process. It may be necessary to the chisel the door edge to fit the new hinge in place. If both old hinges have been removed, replacement may require the help of an assistant. Otherwise replace them one at a time so it is not necessary to remove the door completely. Make adjustments to the springs using the provided instruction and tools.


Door Closers

Door closers may be purchased from just about any hardware or self-improvement center. They may also be found and ordered online to be delivered. Door closers usually cost around $12 to $200. The procedure to install them is fairly easy and does not require a great deal of time. They are convenient and provide a great level of safety.

Look for door closers for hinges that are difficult to match such as older doors or ones that are an odd design. These also work well for trim that prohibits installing self-closing hinges due to barrel thickness. In most cases, door closers may be affixed on either side of the door. The package should include installation instructions and drilling templates. Once installation of either device is complete examine the door. Make sure that it will automatically close from the widest open position. It may be necessary to make adjustments to the mechanism so that it functions properly.

There is a third alternative for individuals who are simply too busy for any type of installation. Professional contractors are more than happy to visit the home and make the appropriate installations. For those with time on their hands do it yourself is a less expensive route. 



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