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Do I need annual service for garage door?

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Monthly Service Call

Certain tasks should be completed on a monthly basis while others may only require attention on an annual basis. A representative at Garage Door Cowboys of Austin would be happy to schedule your service call for monthly or yearly maintenance with a professional technician. The first task should be a visual inspection which some specialist recommend doing once every six months or annually while others state a monthly inspection is best.

This inspection is to visually examine all of the garage door components to ensure they are not torn, damaged, or simply worn out. In most cases, this can be considered a DIY project; however, if a periodic appointment for maintenance has already been scheduled with a tech, he/she will do this during the service call. He/she will also manually test several areas of the garage door operations some of which include:

  • Balance

  • Alignment

  • Auto Revers Safety Feature

If these inspections are performed by the home owner and issues are found, a professional garage door specialist should be contacted to resolve them. The garage door opener rail should also be greased with a white, lithium based, and non-silicone lubricant after wiping it clean with a clean cloth or rag. It is best that this be completed about once every four weeks for optimal results.

Annual Service Call

All garage doors should be cleaned and lubricated at least once each year. Many professional garage door techs recommend doing this semi-annually. Garage doors are much like any other mechanical device and require care. This is to ensure the continued smooth operation as well as the longevity of the entire system. A premium quality, non-silicone, lithium based, white lubricant should be used for the bearings, roller, and hinges. Garage doors should also be thoroughly cleaned before and visually examined during the lubrication process.

For our Garage Door Repair Service

Renew Luster

During the visual inspection, if flaking or peeling paint is discovered, it is probably time to repaint it. If you have hired a professional tech for your garage door service calls, he/she will most likely inform you when it is time to perform this task. In most cases, a garage door will require repainting about every four years at the earliest and seven years at the latest as long as a high quality product is used to professionally paint it from the very beginning. Those who live in extreme weather areas may find to necessary to re-paint, re-stain, or refinish their garage doors more often.

Our team of professionals at Garage Door Cowboys of Austin, Texas are waiting for you to contact us and schedule your next service call appointment. We can visit your property, provide you with a fair estimate, and take the worries out of your family’s hands. Call us today even if you are only curious ad want to talk about servicing your garage door.



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