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Best Garage Door Floor

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Most homeowners do not realize that while functionality is important, a garage floor can also be aesthetically pleasing. The most common type of flooring chosen is concrete and is an extremely functional choice, for all intents and purposes. It is possible to incorporate a bit of comfort as well as attractiveness. Coatings and coverings are the top two standard category choices for garage floor coverings.   


Garage Floor Coatings

The standard options in the coatings category are epoxy and paint. These adhere to the garage floor and are applied using brushes or rollers. Many consumers use these terms interchangeably; however, acrylic latex paint and epoxy are quite different in performance and chemical composition. While the application of latex paint is not truly complicated, it is important to choose a product which is specifically for this purpose and of a high quality. This is why it is crucial to consult a professional in the garage/home improvement field.

A benefit of the latex paint option is it offers a certain degree of protection while adding a bit of color and excitement to the setting. High quality variations are simple to clean, moderately resistant to many types of automobile fluids, and resistant to mildew, mold, or water. It is important to clean certain types of fluid immediately. If left to set, oil and antifreeze can stain the garage floor. Brake fluid and gasoline may cause peeling and wrinkling.  

Epoxy is one of the most durable garage floor coatings. It is highly resistant of oil and many other fluids, beads water, and can be wiped clean. Applying an epoxy coating can transform any old garage floor from dull, lifeless, and boring into beautifully professional. Epoxy is a great deal thicker than acrylic latex paint and tenaciously bonds to the garage floor as long as the area has been professionally prepared. There are options of decorative vinyl color flakes to bring a bit of colorful life to your garage floor as well as anti-skid add-ins.   


Garage Floor Coverings

Products which lay atop your garage floor are considered coverings. They offer a great many wonderful choices. They are also versatile as they may be removed and/or replaced quite easily. One of the easiest floor coverings to implement is rolled matting. Rolls of mat are available in several materials as well as numerous colors and styles.

As the owner you may even throw carpeting onto your garage floor; however, you should consider something which will be able to stand up to the harsh conditions of garage floor lives. Check with a professional garage contractor to ensure that you choose an option which has been specifically designed for garage floors.   

Wood composite tiles; flexible plastic and/or rubber, and fixed plastic tiles are some of the top choices of garage floor coverings. Tiles most generally are available as peel and stick or interlocking. Mats are about the only garage floor option which is easier than installing tile. While tile installation is quite simple, it is also extremely time consuming. Tile floors are also easy to clean with a steamer on a routine basis or using a detergent water method for tough oil stains. . Those who have no time and/or experience should consider hiring a professional contractor like Garage Door Cowboys of Austin, Texas.   




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