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Garage Door Cowboys Blog : How to Put a Garage Door Back on Track

How to Put a Garage Door Back on Track

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Required Items

  1. Hand held vise grips

  2. Rubber mallet

  3. Pliers

  4. Silicone spray lubricant


  • First, be sure to disconnect the garage door opener from the door itself. There should be a rope which can be pulled to accomplish this.

  • Manually open the door to allow access to the wheels and the area where it has jumped track. Lock hand held vise grips below one track to act as a scotch.

  • Use pliers to open the outer edge of the track. This will make it simple to position the wheel back onto the track. Use a rubber mallet to tap the track into the correct position once the door is once again aligned on the track properly. Dislodge the hand held vise grips.

  • Manually raise and lower the garage door a few times to ensure that it is functioning properly. It should secure by catching as it runs through the cycle and safely operate the door.

  • Use the silicone spray lube to ensure the entire door is properly lubricated.

Preventive Consideration

Simple and proper maintenance can help ensure that garage doors do not jump track. Be sure to thoroughly examine the brackets that secure the tracks in position on a periodic basis. In many cases vibration from routine operation will loosen hardware. Also check for any other lose hardware such as nuts, bolts, and screws.

Use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten lose hardware. Examine the tracks to ensure that they remain straight up and down when the above steps have been accomplished. Use a carpenter’s level to assist with this examination to ensure t is straight and precise. Place it against the tracks. If it requires adjustment, loosen the brackets slightly, level the track, and tighten fasteners once again.

There are a couple other simple procedures that will ensure that garage doors remain at optimal functioning level. One of these is to keep them properly lubricated with a silicone based spray lubed. It is also essential to replace or repair all worn and/or wobbly rollers immediately.



Never remove the bolts which secure the bottom bracket in position. The bracket attaches the spring structure. Sever bodily injury can result in removing this. For those who are inexperienced, it is best to consult a professional to prevent serious injury or damage to the garage door. Contractors do not generally charge a great deal for repairs such as these and leaving this procedure to the experienced will prevent bodily harm as well as undue future costs for additional repairs.



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