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How to Paint a Wooden Garage Door

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Proper Paint Prep

The proper treatment, such as sealing, are extremely important to the longevity of wood garage doors. It is also vital all wooden doors be appropriately prepped prior to panting or staining.

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Wood garage doors must be completely cleaned of all dirt, mildew, and dust before painting them. This ensures that the door will last much longer as well as look beautiful. A wire brush or 5-in-1 tool may be used to removed peeling and/or cracking paint.
Once the garage door is cleaned it should be then be primed. There are certain types of paint that do not require a primer; however, these are generally more expensive.


Ready to Paint

Be sure that the paint is completely mixed before opening it. Pour a generous amount into a paint cup and use a polyester/nylon brush of about 2 to 2 ½ inches wide to apply it to the door.

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Take note of any cautionary statements for the paint concerning temperature or other weather considerations.
Begin with an upper panel and paint toward the recessed region of the garage door panel. Continue to work around the perimeter from the corner area of the recess.
When this panel is completely covered repeat the procedure with the remaining panels. Have a damp paint cloth ready during the entire painting process to wipe away any excess or drips to ensure a more professional look as well as prevent any future problems.
Cut the door in by painting the perimeter in a 2 to 3 inch wide section.
Do not allow the paint brush to become dry by reloading often to keep it wet. Keep in mind that if paint is too wet it will sag. This means it will run and drip.
A paint pan works best when using a paint roller. Pour a liberal amount of paint into the pan. It is best to use a roller cover that is about 3/8 inch which means short nap. Load paint to the roller by first dipping it into the tray then rolling it back and forth, gently pressing it to the bottom. Ensure that the roller remains wet at all times and do not let it dry out. Never continue to roll and area until it begins to dry, this and the point above will leave unsightly roll mark on the finished product.
Roll the stiles working around the perimeter of every panel continuing with each section until all are complete.


Finishing Touches

Use the brush to apply paint to the inside frame of the garage door, beginning at the upper portion of the frame.



It is best to work out from the edge of the garage door. Begin at the upper corner of the garage door trim and paint the edge where the wall and trim meet. Paint the face of the trim by returning to the upper part of the door to begin. There are many considerations for painting wooden garage doors. For those who are inexperienced in this area, it is often best to consult a professional contractor for optimal results.



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