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Garage Door Opener Safety Tips

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  • The procedure for installing a garage door opener is usually relatively simple and quite a bit safer than the installation of the garage door itself. Improperly installing a garage door opener can result in a hazardous environment. It is recommended by the DASMA that a professional technician is hired to perform this task. Individuals who are more of the DIY type must ensure that they fully comprehend the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting it themselves.

  • It is important to keep the garage door in full view during the entire closing and opening process. This is true of all types, but especially in the cases of remote controlled garage door openers. This is to ensure no living creature is trapped under the door.

  • It is crucial to ensure that the reinforcement bracket of the door’s top section for the opener is properly installed and in place. Many individuals forget this step in their haste. It is best to always consult the installation manual for precise and detailed instructions or consult a professional.   

  • A door that is extraordinarily heavy or requires the use of two hands to open it generally indicates an adjustment requirement. There are a number of causes of this issue. It is important to contact an expert technician. Individuals who attempt these adjustments themselves risk being seriously injured. This is not an indication that the garage door opener lacks the proper amount of power. It may indicate that the door is not proportionally balanced. 

  • Garage door openers have a specific safety design to ensure that they reverse in case they come into contact with an object. A door that does not perform this function may require an adjustment to the sensitivity setting. It is recommended by the DASMA that a trained professional perform this adjustment.  

  • Photoelectric eyes have been used in the design of garage doors since 1993. This is a vital backup reversing safety feature. The eyes are installed close to the floor and when the beams are disrupted the door should reverse direction. If the existing opener does not this feature, it is time to upgrade to one that does. 

  • The photoelectric eye should never be installed more than six inches above the floor. This is to ensure no live being is capable of getting below the beam.

  • The control button for the garage door opener must be affixed no less than five feet above the floor and out of the reach of small children. Never let children play with a garage door. This could result in grievous injury or death.

  • Place the controls for the garage door opener where children do not have access them. Instruct them in the safety precautions of them. Never leave the remote in locations that burglars may have access.

Be aware that it is possible to record the signal from the transmitter. This can be used on a later date to gain access to the garage. It is important to keep in mind that thieves are also aware of this. Consult a professional contractor about the rolling code technology. This transmitter alters its code after each use.



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