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Garage Door Bottom Roller Replacement

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The process of bottom roller replacement for garage doors can be very hazardous. It is best to consult a professional, if do it yourselfers have no prior knowledge of this process. Never loosen the bolts which secure the garage door and bottom fixture. Never remove the cable from this area either. Not following this advice may result in severe personal injury and/or extensive property damage.

Step One:

Pull the section located at the bottom of the door toward the inside of the garage. If the track continues to contain the roller, the track may be bent as instructed in step four. This will enable the do it yourselfer to remove the roller from the track. The door should be raised a few feet from the ground in order to make the roller replacement simpler.

Step Two:

            The roller’s two guide holes should be carefully examined. These should appear perpendicular to the surface of the bottom bracket. If this is not the case, it indicates that they are bent. Use the stem of the roller to straighten the guide holes.

Step Three:

            Insert the replacement roller into the bottom bracket. The do it yourselfer will be required to pull the bottom section to the inside of the garage in order to accomplish this step.

Step Four:

            If it has not been accomplished previously, bend the track below the roller.

Step Five:

The garage door should be lowered to the spot where the roller is beside the bent part of the track.

Step Six:

The next step is to insert the roller into the track.

Step Seven:

 The last step consists of straightening the track using a hammer. This should be accomplished carefully. Try not to hit the track in the spot that the roller is in. If the roller is struck, it could cause irreversible damage. 

A Word about Professional Advice

 A professional contractor should be consulted about any garage door or garage decisions. These individuals are trained to install, maintenance, and repair them. Performing these tasks without any knowledge of garage doors or the necessary processes can result in serious injury, property damage, or even death. The proper installation of garage doors protects the entire family, even pets. It is important to remember that garage doors are serious business and should never be viewed as play things. Never let children play with garage doors or their openers.

Another reason it is best to call a garage door company is these individuals are extremely experienced in these matters. They can help make the appropriate decision for a specific home and region. These professionals are not only familiar with building codes and zoning regulations, but can assist owners and their families as much money as possible. 



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